Marietas Islands

A preserved bird sanctuary in the Bay of Banderas


$65 per person or $85 per person with access to hidden beach as permitted.  6 person minimum.  We help find others if you are a small party

5 hour trip – includes food & snorkeling gear

Prices based out of Yelapa.  We can pick up in Boca, Puerto Vallarta or other location for the cost of gas

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We require a 50% deposit to confirm. Your deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel within 7 days of your trip date.


“What an amazing day!  We got to see so much wildlife.  Learning about the conservation efforts taking place and how we were contributing made the trip that much better. Ecotourism at its best”


A Sea Safari Adventure


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Blue-footed booby at Marietas Islands during a MiraMar Excurstions Trip The Marietas islands are known for their beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, great snorkeling, and are populated with more birds than you can imagine.  Among these, you’ll get to see the blue-footed booby, the greatest number of which are found here and in the Galapagos Islands.  You’ll be amazed by the ecological conservation in this bird sanctuary.

This fantastic tour by boat is something many won’t want to miss. MiraMar Excursions will answer your questions about the land, birds, and ocean life and will make fresh fish ceviche and guacamole (avocados seasonal) for a light lunch.  Snorkeling gear is also included the price.

We are part of a team dedicated to the conservation of these islands. The islands are completely closed to tourism on Mondays Yelapa boats are only allotted hidden beach bracelets for 7 people per day Wednesday – Sunday but all can still enjoy the beauty of the islands Tuesday – Sunday. 

Marietas Islands with MiraMar Excursions A private beach at Marietas Islands with MiraMar Excursions  Whale watching on the way to Marietas Islands with MiraMar Excursions