Yelapa Travel Tips

Be prepared so you'll be sure to have a great time


Flashlights – it’s really dark at night

Pesos – there are no banks or ATMs here

A swimsuit


Good hiking/walking sandals


Kendra and Fernando can recommend some great restaurants, and do NOT decline an invitation for dinner cooked by Fernando!  Divine!”


This is the fun part

YOU’VE GOT YOUR TICKET AND BOOKED YOUR HOUSE – NOW WHAT? Yelapa’s a unique place so we have some unique tips.

PLAN YOUR ACTIVITIES.  Check out our MiraMar Excursions and Yelapa Activities pages.  Not interested in being adventurous – no problem!  This is the perfect place to relax.

PACK YOUR BAG. Suggested items: walking/hiking shoes, swim suits, sun screen, beach shoes, comfortable clothing for warm weather and cooler evenings, camera, sunglasses, flash lights, binoculars, bug repellent, toiletries, books and playing cards or games, upset tummy remedies, and dollars/pesos (there are no banks and very few places accept credit cards).  We use our old towels as beach towels, so bring your own if you want a nice fancy one.  DON’T BRING: electrical adapters (you don’t need them in Mexico), expensive jewelry (the ocean is fond of collecting wedding rings), fancy clothes or shoes.

BRING PESOS.  There are no banks or ATMs here so don’t forget to bring the balance for the house and any activities as well as pesos for eating out, groceries, and souvenirs.  Do not expect “cheap middle of Mexico” prices.  Prices are likely similar to where you live.  The exchange rates are better in Puerto Vallarta.

REST ASSURED, IT’S SAFE.  You have likely heard some scary stories about Mexico but Yelapa is safe. Petty theft is the worst of it so keep your valuables locked up or leave them at home.

SHOULD YOU TIP?  Yes! Tipping is appreciated and expected in restaurants, for tours, for help with luggage, etc.  Tipping 10 – 15% or more at restaurants and 10 – 20% for tours is fair if you enjoy the service. Tip at least 50 pesos for help with one big piece of luggage and more for each additional large piece.  You are not expected to tip water taxi staff.

SPEAKING SPANISH:  If you speak a little Spanish, the locals will love practicing with you.  If you don’t, don’t sweat it.  Most speak enough English that you shouldn’t have any trouble.  Spanish classes are available.