Yelapa Weather

Beat the cold during the winter months - it's perfect here!


The weather is ideal Nov – May

Yelapa has a rainy and a dry season

The rains usually start in June and end in October

Fishing is best in Sept Oct, Nov, and Dec



When Should You Visit?

Yelapa is in Banderas Bay and on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands. The climate is sub-tropical so it’s pleasant and temperate most of the year. The weather is ideal during the high season which is November through May. During this time of year, daytime temperatures are in the mid 70s to low 80’s F (28-30 C), while nighttime temperatures cool to the 60s.

Though rainy and hot, don’t overlook the summer months as a time to visit. Temperatures may reach 90 degrees F (32 C), but rates are considerably cheaper.  The town slows way down and you will have the place nearly all to yourself!